How do I soak nuts for raw food recipes?

Oh the comments you get on YouTube when you talk about soaking nuts! Don’t teen boys have video games to play?  I’ve limited my videos on the subject to this membership site for the sole purpose of keeping my inbox free of lame comments.  But in case you are skipping through the Rocking Body Raw Food Course and missed the discussion on soaking nuts, here is the deal.  It is as simple as it sounds. You simply put the nuts in a bowl of water so they are fully submersed.  That’s it!  You wait as long as is designated in the recipe, then you rinse them of their soak water by running them under the tap in a strainer.

General guidelines for soaking nuts and seeds on the raw food diet

Nut or Seed General Soak Time Notes
Almonds . soak 8 hours or overnight . delicious dehydrated after soaking
Pecans soak 2 to 4 hours in a pinch, soak only 30 minutes
Walnuts soak 2 to 4 hours in a pinch, soak only 30 minutes
Cashews soak 1 to two hours in a pinch, soak only 15 minutes or not at all
Brazil Nuts I don’t soak them the center never softens, I use as-is
Sunflower Seeds.. soak 30 minutes or not at all,  if you need a quick fix
Sesame Seeds soak 30 minutes or use as-is, I soak for tahini


Forget to soak your nuts? Here are a few quick-fix options when you forgot to soak and you want the fats & protein from nuts or seeds.

Got milk?: When you are out of nut milk and you have no soaked nuts, blend water, almond butter, vanilla and a couple of dates or a dash of maple  for a quick milk.  No need to strain the milk through a nut milk bag because the nut butter is so much smoother.  Less mess, less time.  It is not as smooth as the proper method, but it is totally delicious.

Speed Soak: if you want a quick nut pate and you have not soaked nuts, use raw sunflower seeds or “speed soaked” pecans or walnuts.  Speed soaking is my uber-quick fix.  Here is how you do it. Soak pecans or walnuts in luke warm water for ten minutes.  Strain them, rinse them and soak them again with fresh warm water.  They plump up quickly in the second round of fresh water.

Soaked nuts and can’t use them right away?
If you can’t use the nuts that you have soaked when their soak time is done, do not fret!  Simply put them in the fridge and use them when you are ready.  If  you have soaked nuts and you don’t know when you will have time to get to them, consider dehydrating them.  Here are the guidelines I suggest.

  • If you can prepare them within the next 36 hours, they will keep – no problem.  You simply need to be sure they are well drained, not sitting in any soak water.  Store them in a glass container with a lid.  Proceed with your recipe when  you are ready.
  • If  you soak nuts and won’t get around to preparing them today or tomorrow, dehydrate them.  Pick a flavor that appeals to you and make a little marinade about two tablespoons per cup of soaked nuts. For example, a mixture of maple, cayenne and salt makes a delicious flavoring for soaked pecans.  Toss them in the mixture.  Place them on a dehydrator tray and dehydrate them until they are crunchy.  YUM!  Once dehydrated, they will keep in an airtight container on the counter for at least a week, but good luck keeping them around at all! They are so delicious and make an easy to-go snack or topping for salads.  The cayenne, maple pecans go fabulously well with a honey mustard dressing on dark greens.

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  1. This IS so simple. When I first began this program the idea of soaking nuts was so incredibly simple that surely I was “missing something” or “getting it wrong”. It couldn’t really be so easy to eat better. Surely, I needed special water or lots of big glass bowls….lol