Do I need a Vita-Mix on the Raw Food Diet?

Need?  No.  Want?  A great big fat YES! !t is both understandable and wise to be cautious about spending four hundred plus bucks on a blender.  Here is the deal people, you and the massive changes you can make with a high speed blender like a Vita-Mix or BlendTech are worth the every penny!  If I had to single out the one, most powerful change that I have made on my evolution to a high raw diet it would be using the Vita-Mix  (which I do several times a day).  Here is why…

It make juices (I used it this way before I had a juicer).  This is the method I teach in the Rocking Body Raw Food Diet course simply because so many people squawk about investing in the four major tools for getting deep into the raw food diet; a Vita-Mix, a food processor, a juicer, and a dehydrator.   See my post on RAW FOOD GEAR for more on each of these tools. With just the Vita-Mix you can start juicing, which gives your body a powerful flush of phytonutrients with only light digestive work.

Use it to make milk from nuts & seeds. Bye by dairy and see ya later boxed milk alternatives!  Make your own faux dairy that kicks ass on anything that comes in a box.  The fresh Brazil nut milk can be used as trade for hard labor at our house!  Don’t wanna sweep the patio- offer someone a malt made with Brzail nut ice cream and you are off sweep duty for sure!

Say Cheese! Wake up Vegans, it’s time to enjoy cheese again.  Soak some nuts and use your Vita-Mix to whirl up creamy cheeses. Unless you remove fluids with cheese cloth or dehydrate the cheeses made from seeds or nuts, they don’t have the texture of hard cheeses.  They are more like cream cheese, but man are they good!  If you want to get all Roxanne Klein with your mock dairy products, you can reach some very realistic cheese consistency.  Me, I am satisfied with the plebeian cream cheese or ricotta textures I can get with just the Vita-Mix. The flavors are so fantastic you’d never know they are cholesterol free.  Let’s see Bessy the cow try that.

Pudding, Custard, and frosting.  The Vita-Mix is responsible for churning out the most popular dessert at our house, pudding.  Only the Vita-Mix has the horsepower to turn avocados and raw cacao powder into a warm, creamy chocolate pudding that satisfies old and young.

Soups: The Rocking Body Raw Food Diet course teaches you several soups that do more than fill your belly with a yummy meal, they also give you the basics for making broth based soups, creamy soups, and chunky gazpachos.  Once you get cozy with your Vita-Mix, you will get comfortable experimenting with raw versions of your favorite classic soups.

Dressings, Sauces & Dips: From Creamy Ranch Dressing made with a base of soaked cashews to my raw version of Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce to quick and easy Tahini, the Vita-Mix is the queen of sauces.

Smoothies: This may be stating the obvious, but I should mention that it makes the smoothest of smoothies, even breaking up those pesky raspberry seed that take up residence in your teeth.

If I had to pick one item to invest in as you embark on healthier eating, it would be the Vita-Mix.

If you are taking on the cleanse without a high speed blender, be forewarned that your results will vary.  Like most things in life, you get what you pay for and this seems especially true when it comes to blenders.  You can make smoothies and juices in a nice blender, but you will not get the smooth results that you would with a high speed blender.  There will be a lot more pulp left when you strain your juices and less of the nutrients will be removed.  But any green juice is better than no green juice. Hopefully as you start to feel the benefits of green drinks on your body, you will be inspired to upgrade to a Vita-Mix when you can.  There are often specials on reconditioned (fully guaranteed) machines through Vita-Mix’s web site.  If I see the specials, I tweet it to my followers on Twitter (click her to follow Joy Houston on Twitter).

When using a standard blender to go through the Rocking Body Raw Food Diet course, use a food processor to make your seed or nut based cheeses, mock meats, pudding, hummus and tahini.

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